Hello out there in internet land

September 5, 2022

The internet came of age the same time I did, and I spent plenty of time making Expage sites with marquees and glittering gifs before moving on to anime fansites constructed purely with HTML frames. While I killed those fansites, I never could let go of the personal domain. Now I’m reviving it as an experimental space where I plan to share some professional accomplishments and personal passions.

Although I’ve had this domain for a long time, I’ve never developed the site into more than a landing page until now. The reason is part privacy concerns, part lack of inspiration for a “personal brand,” and part care for “reach” which is better on the various social media networks. Expanding into more than a landing page felt like a security risk and an extra unpaid job. I recently found more inspiration for things to do here, and also have more time on my hands to do so since I quit my job. (Maybe I’ll write about that too later.)

Daniel van der Winden’s site (which I stumbled upon while looking for typography inspiration) reminded me of the old days of personal websites before they needed to be a personal branding tool: “Stumbling upon these websites was a bit like walking into their physical house, leaving your shoes by the door and, glass in hand, taking a peek at the spines of their books, their record collection, the picture frames on the wall, or the tidbits they displayed on the sideboard.” Take a look at Don Roberson’s website for an example of such a digital space.

I intend to post infrequent and varied content on birds, pens, travel, marketing, startups, personal updates, and whatever else feels right on here. Welcome and thanks for reading!  Take your shoes off, stay a while, and maybe something will spark your interest too.

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